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Scheduling So Far

by Keli, 7 days ago

I have scheduled all bands that have applied by 1 December.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are now almost full.

Friday at 11pm is free.

Monday - all times available between Noon and 6pm. Note that Monday is a holiday in the USA and audiences should still be good.

Applications will remain open for a few more days and then I will publish the draft schedule.

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Byrcha's Winterstock IV Announcement

by Lhinnthel, 9 days ago

Winterstock IV *Let the Music Soar* has been announced and the site is now open for band registration!
Here is the announcement our fair leader Byrcha shared at Ales and Tales last Monday evening:

Perhaps you have already heard the rumors ...
There is to be An Event of Special Magnificence, hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band!

Winterstock IV will be held Friday January 13th through Monday January 16th, 2017. (MLK Day weekend in the US.)
Winterstock will be held on the frozen lake near the Silver Deep Mine at Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin.

Please note that Winterstock is *NOT* a competitive event.
There will be no awards or prizes. Just music. And snow. And, ice, hopefully.
And some Dwarves most likely.
And [Light Hides] beyond counting.

The Lonely Mountain Band has now opened up band registration for Winterstock IV.
All band leaders must apply via a website we've set up for this very purpose:

Note that applying to the site DOES NOT change your in-game kinship membership (or lack thereof).
Registration will be open through November 30th.
More information will be released as it becomes available.
The plan is to run the event basically as we have done the past three years -- but hopefully without the server crashes.

If there are questions please direct them to any LMB Officer.
And: Please direct any pie shipments to Byrcha ... wait, how did that get in this announcement?!
We do hope that you can join us for Winterstock IV this coming January!

Band Leaders, members, and LMB volunteers may sign-up Here.

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